Eco-Friendly Interior Design

The Government intends that all new-build homes should be zero carbon by 2016 in England. It is therefore crucial that you keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and materials, so you can achieve this goal. Our eco-friendly interior design services can steer you through this complex subject and help you achieve this goal.

The toxic problem

More important for you as an individual though is the fact that many of us live and work in buildings that can make us sick – something known as ‘Sick Building Syndrome’. Carpets can give off toxic fumes; air ventilation can be insufficient, causing poor indoor air quality; artificial lighting can cause headaches; mould and dust can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. And worryingly, toxic materials are still being used in everyday products such as paint and glue.

Our green solution

Environmentally Friendly Interior ArchitectureTime & Space Interior Architecture will ensure that all products we recommend – starting from building materials and finishing with the furniture and accessories – will not be harmful to your health or the environment. We can guide you through the ‘green cycle’ of a building’s life; for example, we will help you:

  • Choose the best location for your house, e.g. to optimise daylight
  • Select the best materials for design and construction, e.g. sheep’s wool insulation
  • Make sure everything is operating energy-efficiently (‘eco-friendly’), e.g. by choosing a low-energy dishwasher
  • Use environmentally-friendly materials that require little maintenance
  • Give advice on all aspects of renovation and demolition, e.g. how best to dispose of asbestos.

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