Farmhouse Lounge

This client of mine lives in a lovely old farmhouse in Devon, and only needed a hand with the lounge, in particular the lighting and fabric selection.

I kept as much as possible of the original furniture and accessories such as paintings, only re-arranging items to positions I thought were more favourable. I am particularly pleased with the floating shelves: they were made from reclaimed timber and beautifully pick up the existing wood in the room. I also really like the contrast between the rustic heavy shelves and the ‘floating’ effect of how they have been fixed to the wall, i.e. without any visible brackets. The shelves were also meant to pull the room together visually, as the room felt very much like two separate areas before.

With regards to colours, I picked up the purple and green from existing furniture and used it for the fabrics in which we covered the existing cushions. The beautiful tartan pattern always works well in a farmhouse, and the tactile velvet material together with the silver faux fur invite you to curl up on the sofa with a good book on a stormy winter’s evening! The CD and LP collection looked cluttered before, but by covering it with a hand-embroidered fabric this corner now feels more cosy and calm. We also painted the fireplace wall in a more subtle purple – this small change made a massive difference!

The silver mirror, glass lighting and silver faux-fur throw as well as the high quality materials give this room a luxurious feel. This farmhouse lounge will be most welcoming on a dark winter’s evening when the fire is lit and the wind is blowing outside, so I was very pleased that we managed to finish this project just in time before Christmas!