Home Redecoration

Below are some photos of a recent home redecoration project I worked on. It was a private home near Bude in Cornwall and the owner wanted to redecorate all of the upstairs bedrooms as well as the entrance area. This is an excellent example of how a room or series of rooms can be ‘made over’ by an interior designer to transform them into something completely different.

Refurbished Furniture

Most of the furniture, as well as the doors and blinds, were bought new, however, we refurbished some of the pieces of furniture that my client owned and that had been neglected before. It felt good to give those beautiful pieces a new breath of life.

Interior Design Led Home Redecoration

Luckily my client was ‘brave’ enough to go along with my suggestion of a dark brown carpet, as – contrary to popular belief – this does not make the space dark and depressing but rather elegant, in my opinion. Both the client and I are very pleased with the result of this redecoration!

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From these pictures you can see that so often it is the little touches that bring an interior design together and this is what helps to make a home restoration project successful.