Modern Farmhouse

This project is actually our own house; we decided to build a modern eco-friendly farmhouse on our farm and it has been a very exciting project which I enjoyed from start to finish. I project managed the build and was involved in the design process from the very beginning (read more about the the initial design stage in my blog) and it was amazing to see how once we had moved in everything looked and worked just as we had imagined it – or even better! I did not find designing and building this house stressful at all; it was hard work and very time consuming – for over a year we spent most nights discussing some aspect of the house or researching on the internet – but we were also very lucky with the people and firms that worked on our house. They seemed to be proud of what they were doing and wanted to make sure it was done well.


This house has a very friendly atmosphere; it is flooded with natural light throughout most of the day thanks to the many windows. The main living area is open plan, and the feeling of openness and space is emphasised by the amazing views from the dining and living area. The house is very minimalistic and modern, but the fireplace, which has been constructed from local stone collected from the farm, adds some roughness to it which you would expect in a typical farmhouse.


The kitchen was designed keeping in mind 2 main requirements: to be able to have a view of the driveway as well as the garden, and to be small enough to be able to reach all worktops and units by just standing in one central position. The addition of a larder right next to the kitchen meant that we were able to keep the walls free of any units, thus not obstructing the view throughout the house and the feeling of openness.

This modern farmhouse is extremely minimalistic with its straight lines and white walls. Therefore, to ensure the house would nevertheless feel friendly and welcoming, we added lots of quirky details to the interior design, such as a rustic and unusual dining table. Last but not least, all of these features cost very little money!

Would I do it again? Absolutely! And if you would like me to help you with your house – be it before you have even started drawing up the plans, to add some final touches to your existing property or anything in between – please give me a call!