Interior Design

Interior Design is about much more than just choosing fresh colours for your walls or investing in a new sofa. It involves thinking about how you can best optimise the space around you.

End-to-end solutions

At Time & Space Interior Architecture, our service covers all aspects of design, from concepts and project management, through to sourcing and accessorising. And we will always work closely with you, so together we can bring out the best of the area you want to re-design.

Why engage a professional?

Professional Interior Design in Cornwall

Whether you are converting an old property or building a new house from scratch, engaging the services of an interior designer is worth every penny – and you will be surprised at our very reasonable rates. By employing a professional instead of embarking on a long, arduous DIY journey, you can save money and stress – as we will ensure you don’t make the mistakes that so many other self-builders have made before.

For example, do you know:

  • Which paints or materials may give off harmful fumes and could make you sick if you inhale them every day?
  • Which type of floor covering you should choose to minimise acoustic sound transmission?
  • And which light fittings are in keeping with the style of your property?
  • Plus, will the new extension that you have in mind be approved by the Planning Department?

We will take care of all this and more, so you will have complete peace-of-mind throughout the whole project.