Space Planning

At Time & Space Interior Architecture we take interior design further than simply decorating; we believe that what matters most when re-designing a room or a house is its layout. So we will work closely with you to discover exactly how you live in the space, and then deliver a solution that works perfectly for your needs. This is “space-planning”.

How does Space Planning work?

We will find out things like which rooms you use for what purpose and at which time of the day – to optimise the use of sunlight or take advantage of views from the house. Plus, we take a whole range of other issues into consideration:

Space Planning in the South West of England

  • Have you got allergies for example? This may influence the type of fabric we choose for you.
  • Have you got children, and does your house need to be safe for them?
  • Do you need a separate area for working from home?
  • Do you need a lot of storage space?
  • Have you got frequent visitors and need extra sleeping accommodation?
  • Do you spend a lot of time outdoors and want to ‘bring the outside into the house’?

Public spaces

We also work with public areas such as hotels, restaurants or offices in the same way. Before we think about decorating the space, we make sure it is used in the most effective way, so that visitors as well as the people who work there can enjoy and use it to its full potential. A pleasant and functional working environment makes for more motivated employees, thereby increasing efficiency and your bottom line.