The Glulam Frame

What is glulam?

The frame of our house is a glulam frame. Glulam is basically several layers of timber (laminates) glued and pressed together. Hence – glu(e)lam!

Glulam Frame

Glulam beam, different pieces of timber visible.

This makes it 18% stronger than an ordinary timber beam and also allows the beam to be bent, thus creating many possibilities for unusual designs. The timber comes from Scandinavian sustainable forests and the ‘manufacture, distribution and treatment of glulam all consume less energy than any other building materials’ (according to and is therefore more environmentally friendly than steel or concrete beams. Glulam is also light, easy to handle, fire resistant and, if treated correctly, very durable.

Glulam Frame

Two beams joined and glued together to make one long beam.

Glulam posts and beams

The posts were installed on the concrete pads I wrote about in my last blog ( with galvanised steel feet and bolts. The glulam beams were then installed and fixed to the posts using stainless steel bolts. Each post and beam has been designed on the computer, so when they arrive on site it is very easy and quick to assemble the glulam frame.

Glulam frame

Overview of our glulam frame